Why a new ranking system?

Championship Points are the official way to rank players. Their simplicity is good for their intended use (qualifying players for Worlds) : a player knows in advance what they’ll earn depending on their results. However, Championship Points have limitations. Winning a 600-player Regional Championship earns the same amount of points as winning a 250-player one.

This is why we devised the Victory Points (VP) system, which reflects more accurately the relative worth of these accomplishments.

Each result in a major event (top 32 for 227-player events and bigger, top 8 otherwise) is worth a certain amount of Victory Points, depending on three parameters :

  • The number of players at the event : The bigger an event, the harder it is to reach the top cut. BiggCaroline Sebayhier events therefore award more Victory Points.
  • The tournament level (World Championships, International Championships, Regional Championships, Special Events) : More prestigious events award more Victory Points in order to account for the higher level of competition.
  • The result itself : Obviously, winning a tournament awards more points than ending 32nd!

As every result is linked to a player and a deck, it is possible to rank not only players but decks. It is also possible to look at the rankings only for a specific region, or format : the possibilities are almost endless.


Victory Point calculations

In the interest of transparency, here are the formulas we use to award Victory Points.

Each event gets a VP Score that is equal to its attendance multiplied by its Level Coefficient.

The Level Coefficient only depends on what kind of event it is, according to this table :

Finally, each result earns a number of Victory Points equal to the event’s VP Score multiplied by its Result Coefficient.

The Result Coefficient is given by the following table :


Example: A player finishes 14th at a Regional Championship (RC) with an attendance of 345 players. They earn 345 (attendance) * 0.8 (Level coefficient) * 0.5 (Result Coefficient) = 138 VP.