Missing data

Help us collect data!

One day, or so we hope, TPCI will give the competitive community worldwide the attention it deserves, and publish results from all major events worldwide. In the meantime, to give you complete information, we need to collect data ourselves, which is sometimes not that easy. This is why we humbly ask for your help.

Currently, we are missing :

  • Master attendance of Bangkok SPE (Thailand 10/06/2017)
  • Decks of the following players from Santiago Regionals (03/06/2017) :
    • Patricio Fernandez
    • Nicolas Furtado
    • Julio Rojas
    • Juan Duhalde
    • Raul Adaro
  • Decks of the following players from Mexico Regionals (10/06/2017) :
    • Antonio Cardozo
    • Hector Emmanuel Meza Garibay
    • Miguel Angel Emir Alvizo Ortiz
    • Aldo Espinosa de los Monteros Torres

If you have any of this information, we would be very grateful if you would contact us!

Found a mistake?

Behind charts and figures are humans : mistakes happen. If you find any wrong data, please contact us and we will correct it as soon as possible.